A Sweet Taste of Home

Discover your sweet tooth with our bakery

While we have an outstanding breakfast and lunch menus, head over to our bakery for some superb baked goods!

All of our items in the bakery are made from scratch and include some fantastic sugar free options as well. Our most recent items in our bakery include:

  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Cinnamon roll croissants
  • Chocolate, Almonds, and Strawberry croissants
Head over to The Downtown Hub today to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Our Bakery Items will keep you on your toes!

Our Bakery Items will keep you on your toes!

You’ll love all of our bakery items since they continue to change from day to day there is always something new to try. Our amazing baker comes up with so many tasty treats you’ll never know what’s up her sleeve. Call us today to find out what new items we have in our bakery!